EleMech Products


Haulers using a Portalogic station, by EleMech.
Portalogic, a product of EleMech, Inc.

Manage Transported Water & Waste

  • Customize models to meet your needs
  • Automate waste dumping, water filling, and gate control
  • Track waste generators, trucks, haulers, and more
  • Increase revenue with accurate metering and automated billing
Portapay allows haulers to pay by credit card or bank account, and offers automatic payments and fund replenishment.
Portapay, a product of EleMech, Inc.

Automated Billing for Haulers

  • Account based secure payment platform for Portalogic
  • Make payments using mobile devices, and set up automatic payments
  • Monitor all transactions and access numbers, set truck details, and more
  • Create customer accounts anywhere, anytime, including at the station
Use DataQueue by EleMech to remotely collect data from your PLCs.
DataQueue, a product of EleMech, Inc.

Easy PLC Data Collection

  • Capture data from your PLC automatically, at set time intervals
  • Connect remotely from your PC using an ethernet connection
  • Store data in a secure SQL database
  • Generate reports and export to PDF, Excel, or Word Document