Portapay is a mobile-friendly customer payment tool for Portalogic.
Using Portapay, a hauler can manage payments and account details from anywhere using a mobile device.

Take The Next Step In Automating Your Portalogic System

Virtually eliminate tracking accounts and billing by adding Portapay to your Portalogic solution. Portapay is a mobile-friendly payment and monitoring tool for your customers. After creating an account, your customers can securely make payments online, add funds to an account, set up automatic payments, and monitor all of their transactions. Better yet, Portapay allows customers at unattended sites to create an account without Portalogic user input. All data is automatically synced with Portalogic software in realtime.

Portapay Features

Portalogic automates data collection from your waste dump and water filling stations and brings it to the comfort of your office.

Online Payment Solution for Haulers

Haulers can manage their accounts on any mobile device. Using Portapay, haulers can:

  • Manage accounts without hassling Portalogic station owners
  • Create accounts for visits to unattended sites or during afterhours
  • Set up automatic fund replenishment
  • Monitor transaction details and filter by time period
  • Track, manage, and view their activity, access numbers, trucks, and funds
Portapay uses the heighest level of encryption available to protect your sensitive information.

Safe & Secure

Portalogic users and haulers can rest assured knowing Portapay utilizes the heighest level of encryption available. Any credit card or bank account information saved for future use is protected by our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) complient payment practices, meaning sensitive data never touches our server.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about Portapay and our security standards.